Aug 3, 2020
Simplify Your Life Week

#SimplifyYourLife Week is recognized during the first week in August of each year. This week encourages those who need to refocus their lives and declutter — physically and mentally. Late-summer simplifying keeps clutter to a minimum going into fall. This week helps us take a closer look at our lifestyle, eliminating things that keep us from enjoying life.

Start by simplifying your life at work. Work simplification involves saving energy and balancing projects, working more efficiently, preventing fatigue. Balance to-do lists by alternating between light and heavy projects. Alternating tasks helps your body and mind stay focused throughout the day.

Simplifying our environments at home can be accomplished by scaling down our lifestyle. Families who have a lot of activities outside the home, organize through schedules. Schedules keep everyone on task and support a well-balanced home life, helping children develop self-discipline later in life.

According to the Blissful Mind, there are many ways to simplify our life:

Set Monthly Goals. Start monthly goals, setting yourself with 1-3 goals each month. Breaking down larger goals into manageable chunks helps accomplish things you meant to do for a while.

Carry a Water Bottle Everywhere. We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, and it’s much easier to achieve it if you keep a water bottle with you at all times.

Declutter Your Closet. Too many clothes and nothing to wear? Time to spotlight your clothes. Perhaps it is time to organize, place them in boxes, and donate them.

Write Email Tasks on Paper. Too many emails? Start at the top and write down requests or action items that need to get done. Seeing these tasks on paper helps you prioritize, improving efficiency.

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