May 10, 2019
National Clean Up Your Room Day

It is National Clean Up Your Room Day which is as good a reason as any to yank the scary things out from under your bed or organize your so-called closet. If you have a teenager, you might need to put on a hazmat suit before stepping inside their jungle. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Cleaning up any room can seem like an episode out of Hoarders but it doesn’t have to be. Packing boxes, either temporarily or permanently, can seem daunting so we are here to offer these packing and storage tips.

If your teenager insists on keeping those stuffed animals from her Rugrat days, help her store them in one of our moving boxes. Perhaps your own closet is the challenge. What to do with those bridesmaid dresses from the early 2000s? grand wardrobe boxes.

Still don’t know where to begin? Contact us or give us a call at 262-676-9464 and we will walk you through the process.

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