Aug 19, 2019
Moving Tips for College Kids

The prospect of going away to college is a new and exciting adventure. The process of moving into a college dormitory is another story. Here are some tips to simplify and alleviate the stress of a college move.

Plan with your roommate. Connect with your new roommate beforehand and arrange to get there at the same time. This isn’t because you both should have a room with everything matching! Meeting beforehand allows both of you to discuss how you want your dorm room set up.

Reserve a dolly. While most residence halls have several dollies to share with new residents, call ahead and confirm. If it is a particularly busy residence hall, you may have to wait for the next available dolly.

Get grounded. Do some pre-move research, and locate where the nearest all-purpose big box or hardware store is, like Wal Mart, Target, or Home Depot. Knowing where the store is located ahead of time will prevent you from scrambling to find directions to it during the hectic move.

Arrange transportation. Transport may be the most challenging aspect of moving into student halls. There are many choices available, including a personal vehicle, a family or friend’s vehicle, a moving truck, or a shipping trailer or moving storage container.

Bubble wrap. Lower the chance of breaking delicate items by carefully packaging each one separately. Be especially mindful when wrapping electronics and glass pieces, especially framed pictures. Bubble wrap provides a protective cushion, taking the stress out of the packing. Moving boxes, packaging tape, and other moving materials are available at Storage Authority.

At Storage Authority, we believe the only way to assure your move is easy and successful is to prepare yourself, having all the necessary supplies. Whether its boxes, tape, protective furniture covers, packing peanuts or towing materials we have you covered. Our storage units and moving products go a long way in providing peace-of-mind to our customers. Contact us or give us a call at 262-676-9464.

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