Jul 3, 2020
Moving Along on the Fourth

Carnivals, concerts, and campgrounds are the kind of events we usually associate with summertime holidays like the Fourth of July. With these family fun activities and celebrations, it is easy to forget the real reason we are celebrating the Fourth of July — the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence is the official statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the freedom of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain. At Storage Authority, we recognize the sacrifice men and women in our armed forces have made to guarantee the continued celebration of our independence. Standing on the sidelines, watching our hometown parade, we know it is the veterans who uphold America’s freedom daily. Thanks to them, our families are spending the day enjoying festival rides, camping with friends, or gathering at a family reunion.

Storage Authority Moving Tips for Fourth of July: As it turns out, the Fourth of July weekend is a popular time to move!

  1. Make off-loading easier and label your boxes with the room they should go to after arrival.
  2. When packing, be aware that not all items will fare well in the summertime heat. If it has a high probability of melting, keep it off the moving truck for as long as possible.
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