Aug 10, 2020
Fun and Creative Ideas to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

If you ever moved from another house or apartment, you know you need moving boxes. You need them to package all of your belongings. But afterward, what do you do with all the boxes? Most people put them out of the way, figuring they will use them again for a future move. Why do that when there are creative ways to reuse them? Here are some suggestions for making use of your moving boxes:

Great Toys for Kids
Every parent has watched a child open a long-awaited gift only to be more fascinated with the cardboard box than the toy itself. Alleviate your frustration by proactively turning the box into another toy — like a fort. You’ll feel more in control and less frustrated that your child isn’t playing with the toy. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they imagine themselves in a space ship, special fort, or their own house.

Make a Pet Castle
Pets need a place to unwind. Cats love boxes, and if a box is left on a floor, a cat is going to make themselves at home. Consider converting the box with fabric or spray painting the outside, so your box has a custom look. If you use fabric, they will turn into a cat scratching pad. You can also stack them on top of each other, creating a cat condominium with separate floors.

Upcycle Them into Storage Bins
Who wants to pay more for costly storage bins? If you have boxes and fabric, spray paint or large labels, you can quickly turn them into custom storage bins. Check out Pinterest for ideas or watch the Youtube Turn a Cardboard Box Into Decorative Storage.

Compost Them
Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste together make up more than 28 percent of what we throw away and should be composted instead. If you compost, you can mix in your cardboard boxes. Keep in mind you’ll need to cut the large boxes into small pieces before mixing them in. You can use a shredder or simply cut the boxes with scissors before adding them to compost.

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