Jul 8, 2020
Five Steps to Organizing Your Garage

Do you ever feel like you are using your garage as a big trash can? Everybody loves a neat and organized garage. The key to arriving at an orderly garage is to take a systematic approach.

  1. Clear the floor. A floor that is clear as possible will encourage that clean, safe, and well-organized visual that is your goal. This is a habit to develop as the ground is often the most natural place to put and drop an item. Hooks, racks, cabinets, and shelves offer a cleaner solution.
  2. Stack the Deck. Stackable containers or boxes are available at any big box retailer or from Storage Authority. Clear plastic containers have the advantage of being able to see what is inside. If using boxes, label the front of the box for easy recognition.
  3. Aim High. Anything that is used regularly should be stored within reach, but little-used items, for example, holiday decorations, can be stored in shelving attached high off the ground. Use a step stool or step ladder for access. Another option would be to take rarely utilized items or decorations and put them in self-storage.
  4. Get on the Grid. Make use of wall-mounted grid panel systems. These come as grids or modular components, and you can customize them yourself. Panels are affordable and easy to install. Household and gardening tools, along with shovels, can easily fit into these type of panels.
  5. Family Values. Keep similar items or “families” together. Group items that are used for the same task, such as camping gear, painting supplies, or gardening tools. Some things, like balls or sporting equipment, can be secured with a tie-down rope. It will be easier if you know where to look to find everything.

Storage Authority provides 24/7 self- storage room access so you can access your goods when it’s convenient for you. We keep our facilities lit so you can see when it’s dark and so our 24/7 video recording can see everything around the clock. Visit our website, contact us, or give us a call at 262-676-9464.

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