Apr 22, 2020
Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! One billion people in 192 countries now participate!

On any other Earth Day, we would encourage you to join the world by planting trees, cleaning up your towns and roads, and meeting with your elected officials!

Today, the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970, social distancing measures limit how soon we can help clean up our towns and meet with elected officials. However, we can still plant trees, take a walk in our neighborhoods, and email our elected officials, urging them to learn more about our planet.

In our business, while we always want to provide storage opportunities for our customers, we often see items that are best recycled instead of stored.

Recycling helps our planets in so many ways. It protects ecosystems and wildlife, conserves natural resources, and reduces demand for raw materials. If you have items that won’t be placed in storage and you feel they are good candidates for recycling, consider contacting these agencies.

Union Grove Garbage / Recycling Information

Racine County Refuse and Recycling

City of Milwaukee Recycle for Good

Waukesha County Recycling

Rather than throw them away, reuse, or re-purpose household items that are broken or no longer serve a purpose, give them new life at the recycling center.

Enjoy your Earth Day!

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