Jan 20, 2016

The reality of self-storage has become commonplace throughout the United States. It seems more and more facilities are popping up everywhere. Like many people I asked myself, “are there really that many people that need storage?” It wasn’t until I got into the business that I really took a look at the reasons why people need storage. I quickly realized the answer to my question was simple “yes, people always need storage.” There are numerous reasons for using and needing self-storage units. Here are the primary reasons why more people are flocking to self-storage facilities:

Business Use

In recent years, more and more business are utilizing storage units to store their items off premises. Businesses often buy items in bulk at a reduced price. They often don’t have the necessary space to store such items so self-storage units become an important asset to them. Items such as merchandise, files, furniture and other office equipment can easily be stored in storage units at a fraction of the cost of having to build additional warehouses or taking over other space inside the business.


As more and more baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement many look to downsize from their larger homes. As their children leave the nest they feel as though much of the unwanted space becomes more of a burden. Having to furnish and clean spaces that are unused is silly. But what to do with the items they don’t want to part ways with? Self-storage becomes an essential way to keep and properly store the items that are too important to simply throw out.

Sporting Equipment

Sports and hobbies are an essential aspect of many people’s lives. I, myself, enjoy an assortment of sporting activities. But many can only be played during a particular time of year. Storing these items during the down months is extremely important so not to clutter your house. Self-storage is an easy and cost effective way to eliminate these sometimes bulky sporting items.

Winter Storage

Wisconsin winters can be brutal. Everyone would like to keep their prized automobiles or motorcycles out of the snow and cold. Storage units become a helpful way to keep your vehicles and your other summer toys from being exposed to the blistering temperatures.

De-Clutter Your Home

Spring and Fall cleaning…it’s something we all try to do. It’s in our nature to obtain and hold onto items that we may not necessarily need. Self-storage units give you the freedom to hold onto those items without having to clutter your residence. And it also offers you the freedom of going and getting them anytime you wish.

College Student

For four years I attended a university. And for four years I lived at a different address. Like most people I started in a dorm and then moved to an apartment and then to a house, then back to an apartment. I always wanted to live in a different location in my college town. The issue that I had was that my university was hours away from my hometown. Often times the lease ran out at the end of the school year, but due to the timing and for other reasons my roommates and I were not allowed to move into our new place until a few months later. So self-storage units became very important. Often you can find facilities that offer college student discounts with month-to-month leases. Always make sure to inquire about this when renting a unit.

Moving/Building a Home

Often times a person may have to vacate their current home prior to their new home being ready for them to move in. Sometimes your current home sells quicker than anticipated, or, if you currently rent, perhaps your lease expires prior to the closing on your new home. For these reasons self-storage units become essentially beneficial. If done correctly, you can move all your property in a storage unit while you await the all-important move-in date. Some facilities, like ours, even offer a FREE move-in truck when you rent a unit making it easy to move all your belongings. Make sure to ask what the lease term is as you may only need it for a short amount of time.

Need More Space

Couldn’t we all use some more space? Whether you live in a one bedroom loft or a 30,000 sq. foot mansion, I think it’s safe to say we could all use more space. What to do with my lawn mower in the winter time? Where to store my snow blower in the summer time? Where can I store all my holiday decorations when I don’t need them? These are all questions we ask ourselves year after year. Well, a self-storage unit can answer all those questions for you. You can store your lawn mower during the winter months and store your snow blower during the summer months. All your holiday decorations will finally be out of your way. More space is the one thing everyone can admit they could use more of.

So, in closing, I think we can all see why the self-storage industry has really boomed in the recent years. I think we can all agree that for these reasons alone the industry isn’t going anywhere and we’ll all continue to see these facilities pop up wherever we are. Whether it’s a big city or a small town, storage is a necessity that everyone can use.

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