May 12, 2020
Creating a Great Home Office

While the current pandemic is unprecedented, its impact has only reinforced a lot of the changes we already saw for a few years — like working from home. More and more people realize the added flexibility of working remotely and are hoping their employers will give them that benefit even when the pandemic ends.

Here are some tips to optimize your home office:

Make storage your priority. An organized office will make you productive while working at home. Consider smaller bins or a storage unit to keep extra documents, monitors, cables, adapters, and office supplies neatly stored out of sight. If these items are left scattered about, they create clutter, making efficiency and concentration difficult.

Make it comfortable. An uncomfortable chair will not only make you less productive but could also give you years of back pain. Consider a well-built office chair, one that has a high-back and is breathable but affordable. Another item that will help your posture is a laptop stand. Any office accessory that can help with ergonomics is worth the cost.

Go green and lean. Liven up your space with green plants and colorful flowers, turning a drab home office into a vibrant place to work more effectively. Photos and decor always make a space more inviting. Keep the decor to a minimum as too many knick-knacks in your area can be distracting.

Eliminate clutter. When the term office clutter comes to mind, paper and office supplies are usually the first things that pop into our heads. Clutter comes in all forms. Occasionally, it is the wires and cables from extra monitors and extra tech equipment that creates a cluttered look. Consider cable ties that you can buy from any big box store.

Let there be light. If you have a window, open the shades or blinds and let the natural light fill your space. A brightly lit room will do wonders for your mood and help you see better, boosting your productivity.

If you can find your balance and structure through some of these tips, you may discover you’re far more productive at home than in the workplace. And that may be a bright spot that comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic!

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