Need space for your business items? Storage Authority offers Commercial Storage and with Storage Authority’s 24/7 access you can get your business materials at any time. Day or Night! No one should be told when they can do business!

Storage Authority LLC. Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage

Storage Authority LLC. 10x10

Office Storage

Need extra space for all your business papers and folders? Want to keep all your business items together and easily accessible? With Storage Authority’s commercial storage, you keep the only key for your unit so there’s no fear your items will go missing. In addition, you can add shelves to your units to easily organize all your documents. Storage Authority does not allow any nails or screws to be drilled into the wall of ceilings of the units.

Retail Storage

Need to organize your retail items before they hit your shelves? With our secure location you can access your commercial storage items at any time and get to them when you need them. The facility is never closed. Therefore you can always access your storage.

Construction Storage

We understand that the construction business can be a very long and tiring day. Want to start working the moment the sun is up? At Storage Authority you can get to your commercial storage unit before the sun is up and grab all your materials. Working late into the evening? Not a problem at Storage Authority. When your done, you can lock up your materials at any time. We’ll never tell you its too late or too early to do your job!


24/7 Convenience

Storage Authority provides 24/7 room access so you can access your goods when it’s convenient for you. We keep our facilities lighted so you can see when it’s dark and so our 24/7 video recording can clearly see everything around the clock.

No Deposits or Fees

At Storage Authority, we won’t charge you security deposits or administrative fees. Therefore, we only take the 1st month’s rent at the time you sign your lease agreement!

Moving Supplies

We offer a variety of moving supplies to help with your move. From boxes to vehicle hitch balls we have them all. You can order them online and they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive to pick them up.

Online Account

With Storage Authority you have the power to manage your own account online 24 hours a day. It’s FREE and EASY to use! Additionally, you’ll be able to make online payments, update your contact information, set up autopay, view past payment history and print past receipts.

Managing your own account is important and keeping up with new contact information assures that we can get ahold of you if need be. So, if you have questions regarding this online account management, our Site Manager would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Moving Truck

We also offer a FREE Moving Truck with any storage unit rental. The offer is good for one (1) time slot. The truck is also available for rent.


I’d never used a self-storage facility before. I was a little nervous and had lots of questions. When I stopped in the manager was friendly and answered all my questions. He showed me around and told me what unit would work best for me. He never pushed me to rent a unit that was bigger than I needed. They have been doing renovations and the place looks great. They’re always updating and adding new buildings. Great experience. Great location. Great price. Thank you!

Ashley H

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